IPOK BILL 2020-Extension of Time |

The  Presidential   Task force  on Parastatal   Reforms (2013) proposed  that the  three   Intellectual     Property   agencies    nameiy:   the  Kenya   Industrial Property Institute  (KIPI),   the   Kenya  Copyright   Board   (KECOBO) and  the  Anti-Counterfeit Authority  (ACA) be merged  into one Government  Owned Entity  (GOE).

Towards this end,  a  Task Force  on  the  Merger comprising    staff  from KIPI, ACA, KECOBO,   the  Ministry   of Industrialization,    Trade and Enterprise  Development, and with assistance  of a drafting  expert from the Kenya Law Reform Commission  (KLRC) was constituted  and embarked  on drafting  instruments   for the  merger.   The Task Force proposed  that  the  GOE be named  Intellectual   Property  Office of Kenya (IPOK) and has drafted  Intellectual  Property Office Bill, 2020 for establishing IPOK.

It is hereby brought to the attention of the stakeholders of the said developments and hereby forwards the Draft Intellectual Property Bill, 2020 for your perusal, comments, additions and/or amendments.

Following stakeholders request, the deadline for submission of comments, additions and/or amendments to the Institute has been extended to 17/05/2020.

Download the IPOK BILL 2020

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