As part of the implementation of the the Government Bottom-Up Economic Transformational Agenda (BETA), the Institute will periodically identify and publish available technologies to the public free of charge, that are relevant to the BETA priority sectors in Kenya. The technologies contained in the following patents can be commercialized in Kenya without fear of infringement.

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Novel tick resistance antigenic indicators (trai) for host animals

A new protein is described which has a molecular weight of about 15000 daltons and the n-termination sdy efpppkxrpg .the protein is suitable for the control of disease and the protection of grazing cattle from ticks.

Health care(pharmaceutical)

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Vaccine for the protection of animals against theileria infection

This invention relates to the development of a vaccine against theileria parva, which is a protozoan parasite infecting cattle in Africa. The invention specifically relates to the use of the 67kda glycoprotein from the surface of the t. parva sporozite as an immunogen for inducing immuno protection against t.parva in bovine species. This 67kda antigen is produced using recombinant genetics, plasmids containing nucleic acid segments encoding the antigen, host cells containing the nucleic acid segments and recombinant methods for producing the antigen are part of this invention.

Health care (pharmaceutical)

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Tea harvester

Tea harvesting equipment is disclosed herein wherein the equipment is solely supported on the tea bush canopy without any ground contact, the equipment comprising a framework (16) carrying either belts (11, 12) or wheels/rollers (23, 25) which are located at least partially below the framework (16) and engage the tea bush canopy, the belts or wheels/ rollers enabling movement of the equipment over the canopy, a cutter assembly  (59) carried by the frame work (16) extending forwardly of and transversely across the movement direction of the harvester, and a collection duct (64) to receive cut leaves from the cutter assembly (59) and deposit same into collection bins or bags carried by the harvester.

Agriculture/ Food Security

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Vehicle anti-theft system

A vehicle anti-theft device comprising a gear shift lock (14) and an ancillary vehicle anti-theft device, which is operated automatically by operation of the gear lock.


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Cutting /clamping contact

The invention relates to a cutting/clamping contact (1) for contacting as insulated cable core (5), comprising two contact  legs (2, 3) made of  a blade-type, resilient material, between the inner sides (13, 14; 23, 24) of which an upwardly open contact slot (4) with an enlarged wire introduction section (7) is formed. in order to provide a cutting/clamping contact (1) which  allows for contacting cable cores (5) having a thick insulation (6) as well as cable cores having a thin conductive core (12), in particular with a ratio of insulation to conductive core diameter larger than 3, the inner side (13, 14; 23, 24) of at least one contact leg (2, 3) comprises, in the wire introduction section (7) an inclined surface (8, 9) forming a cutting edge (10) directed into the wire introduction section (10).



Protective circuit and protective plug for telecommunication installations

The invention relates to a protective circuit for the protection of the user from overvoltage and overcurrent, in particular for telecommunication installations. Prior art protective circuits comprise a fuse connected    into the line connection, and a surge arrester with a current path of the line connection and the earth conductor, the heat-sensitive protection device disconnecting the cross path in case of excessive power, and connecting it to the earth conductor. in the protective circuit according to the invention, a response of the heat-sensitive protection device (5, 6) will cause disconnection of the cross path of the surge arrester(1, 2) and closing of a short circuit cross path (7, 8) behind the fuse (3, 4) between the line connection (a, a'; b, b') and the earth conductor (e). The protective circuit can be accommodated in a miniature plug for application in telecommunication installations.



A process for production of a seasoning sauce based on oat

The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a spiced sauce similar to the known soy sauce, whereby a fungus-covered, enzyme-containing substrate is first mashed with common salt-containing water,  the mash is subjected to a fermentation for a longer period for time, and finally treated by pressing, pasteurizing and filtering, characterized in that

(a)despelted, softened oat kernels are used as the substrate,

(b) mashing is carried out with salt water, so that the salt content of the mash comes to 4 to 12% by weight, preferably to 7 to 8% by weight, and

(c) the fermentation is carried out in several stages at temperatures decreasing from 40 to 45 degree centigrade in the first stage to room temperatures in the final stage, for 8 to 12 weeks.



A process for the production of a seasoning sauce from bread

The invention relates to a process for the production of a seasoning sauce similar to the known soy sauce, whereby a fungus-covered, enzyme-containing substrate is first mashed with common salt-containing water, the mash is subjected to a fermentation for a longer period of time, and finally treated by pressing, pasteurizing and filtering, characterized in that  (a) cut bread with a high proportion of wheat gluten is used as the substrate (b) mashing id carried out with salt water, so that the salt content in the mash amounts to 4 to 12% by weight , preferably to 7 to 8% by weight; and (c) the fermentation is carried out in several stages at temperatures decreasing from 40 to 45 degree centigrade in the first stage to room temperature in the final stage.



Process for the preparation of 2-(4-(4-(4-chloro-1-py-razolyl) butyl)-1-piperazinyl pyrimidine (lesopitron)

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of 2-{4-[4-(4-chloro-1-pyrazolyl)buty1]-1-piperazinyl}pyrimidine (lesopitron) of formula i: i characterized in that the reaction between 2-(1-piperazinyl)pyrimidine, 4-chloropyrazole and the carbon chain of formula (iii) (iii) in which x and y, which may be identical or different, represent a suitable leaving group, is carried out in a single step in a suitable solvent.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Package filling method and apparatus

A valve is provided for filling containers which eliminates splashing and dripping. as the container is being  filled, the valve is moved upwardly so as to be a set distance above the level of the contents of the container during filling. In addition, the liquid passes through an anti-splash screen as it exits the valve. In a further feature, associated with the screen are one or more suction units which operate at the cessation of liquid flow from the valve to remove liquid from the screen and prevent dripping. The combination of the valve moving upwardly during container filling, a screen, and suction units associated with the screen function to prevent splashing during filling and dripping after filling.



N-aryl and n-cycloakly neoalkanamide insect repellents

N-monosubstituted neoalkanamides of 11 to 14 carbon atoms wherein the substituent on the amide nitrogen is cyclic (aromatic or cycloaliphatic, such as aryl or cycloalkyl) and of at least five carbon atoms, have been discovered to be insect repellent, providing that any aromatic substituent is unsubstituted at the ortho position and that when the neoalkanoyl moiety is pivaloyl the total number of carbon atoms in the n-cyclic  neoalkanamides is at least 12. Such neoalkanamides are useful as repellents against cockroaches, including american, german and oriental cockroaches, and are also effective against mosquitoes (both anopheles and aedes), black flies and carpenter ants, and to some extent a_ainst deer ticks. they may be applied to areas, locations and items which are desirably to be kept free of such insects, with applications being direct or of solutions or emulsions thereof, preferably by spraying, or in detergent compositions or other products to be applied to such areas, etc. because the described neoalkanamides are desirably substantive to surfaces and are usually in liquid state, they give long lasting repellency to such areas, etc., and tests have shown them to be sufficiently long lasting

Health care (pharmaceutical)


A rotary printing press

A rotary printing press in which a web to be printed is to be conducted via an impression cylinder and there to be provided with print by means of a printing unit ,is built around a beam structure, from which the printing unit and possibly other means is suspended and on or in which the other means of the printing press are arranged.



Positive inotropic and lusitropic pyrroloquinolinone derivatives

The present invention relates to novel positive inotropic and lusitropic compounds of formula (i), the pharmaceutical acceptable acid addition salts thereof and the stereochemically isomeric forms thereof wherein l is a radical of formula -o-alk-(nh)¿p?-c(=o)-r?1¿, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, methods of preparing said compounds and intermediates in the preparation thereof.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Cushioned horse shoe

The invention defines a shock-absorbing,  cushioned horseshoe that substantially absorbs the shock encountered by a horse's hooves and legs when the horse is in running or jumping. the cushioned horseshoe  is defined by a mounting plate which is adapted with a plurality of interlocking channel members, wherein one of the channel members includes a plurality of longitudinal locking rib members,  whereby a nail may be driven through the horseshoe to engage each locking rib member so as to prevent the nail from being inadvertently loosened after  the nail has been driven into the hooves of a horse. fixedly attached to the mounting plate is a ground- engaging sole member that includes openings which are aligned with the holes which are formed in the mounting plate. the sole member consists of a non-slip, wear resistant, resilient material that is adapted for direct engagement with the ground surface. the resilient material is moulded to the lower surface of the mounting plate and is received in each of the channel members, whereby the resilient material becomes fixedly secured to the lower surface of the mounting plate during the moulding process to prevent separation therefrom.



Growing of shiitake mushrooms (lentinus edodes) on wattle saw dust and/or processed bark

The new method using wattle (acacia mearnsii) sawdust and/or tannin extracted bark blended with protenous ingredients can produce shiitake mushrooms in three months with biological efficiencies from 40% to 60% within three months of harvest.  Production cycle is reduced to six months compared to five years in traditional method i.e. three months of incubation and three months of harvest.

Agriculture/ Food Security

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Physiologically active and nutritional compositions

A composition useful in a method for treating a mammal in order to induce memory  enhancement, analgesia, sleep regulation and{or) inhibition of the symptoms of senility, comprises from about 13.0 to about 27.5% by weight of linolenic acid, balance linoleic acid. physiologically hydrolyzable and pharmacologically acceptable derivatives of these acids may also be used. the specified combination of acids may be administered

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Pouch containers and films

A pouch container can be household products such as bleaches using a multi-layer film and rf sealing techniques. the film has at least one barrier layer and at least one seal layer. the film also has an oxygen permeability of at least about 600 cm3 /m2/ day/bar and transmissitivity for fragrances. in addition, the film should be of an age after manufacturer of about 2 weeks to about 24 weeks. the pouches that are formed have strong seals and overall strength.



Creasing apparatus and films thereof

The present invention relates to a creasing apparatus with a male part with bars and a cooperating female part with grooves, profiles of an elastic material are inlaid in the grooves of the female part. The profiles are pretensioned and locked in their grooves by means of t-shaped end pieces.



Liquid household cleaning composition with insect repellant

An aqueous liquid detergent composition is provided for cleaning a hard surface and or repelling insects therefrom comprising a detersive proportion of surface active detergent compound, an effective amount of at least one of certain defined insect repellent materials which is sufficient to repel insect from the hard surface after application of the detergent composition thereto, the liquid detergent composition being substantially free of a liquid hydrocarbon.



Non-irritating dentrifice

An oral composition of acceptable taste substantially non-irritating to oral tissue, the composition containing an effective amount of a sodium lauryl sulfoacetate surfactant purified to contain less than 18% by weight impurities. an amount of a non-ionic or amphoteric compound is included in the composition to enhance the foaming ability of the purified sodium lauryl sulfoacetate surfactant as well as to further reduce its irritancy potential.



Hair conditioning style control shampoo or treatment

A hair conditioning style control shampoo or treatment in aqueous emulsion or suspension form comprising: (a) a hair conditioning effective amount of at least one cationic polymer having a hair conditioning effect and a charge density greater than about 200; (b) at least one non-aromatic anionic surfactant; (c) at least one aromatic or short chained aliphatic anionic surfactant; and (d) the remainder water. Additional embodiments of the invention relate to the hair conditioning style control shampoo additionally containing a dispersing agent to stabilize the emulsion or suspension, as well as a method for cleansing, conditioning and providing style control to hair with a single composition comprising shampooing the hair with the composition as described above.



Hair conditioning shampoo containing cationic  conditioning polymers

A hair conditioning shampoo in stable emulsion or suspension form comprising: (i) 5 to 40% by weight of at least one anionic surfactant; (ii) 0.01 to 5% by weight of a vinyl-type cationic polymer, including a copolymer of acrylamide or a derivative thereof and  a dialkyl (c1 - c5) diallyl ammonium salt; or a terpolymer of acrylamide, acrylic acid and dialkyl (c1 - c15) diallyl ammonium salt/ or a copolymer of vinylimidazolium methochloride and vinyl pyrrolidone or mixtures thereof having a hair conditioning effect and a charge density ranging between 150 and 400. (iii) 0.1 to 10% by weight of at least one dispersing water- insoluble hair conditioning  agent; (iv) 0.5 to 10% by weight of at least one dispersing agent which functions to stabilize the emulsion or the suspension; and (v) the remainder water.



A process for the non-random cleavage of starch and the low d. e. starch conversion products produced therefrom

Starch containing amylopectin is hydrolysed with an alpha-amylase, preferably derived from bacillus stearothermophilus, under conditions which cause a non-random cleavage of the starch molecules to yield fragments (molecules) having similar size and branching characteristics and molecular weight range from about 20,000 to about 50,000 Daltons are made. The hydrolysate is treated to enrich the concentration of the desired fragments and the enriched portion can be processed further to make a maltodextrin having a d. e. of less than about 8.



Locking apparatus

A key blank including a generally elongate shaft portion defining a key combination surface adapted to have formed thereon key cuts which define a key combination, at least one movable inset element retained within the elongate shaft portion, the movable insert element being displaceable in a single direction, outwardly from the key combination surface.



Adjustable bearing support assembly

A bearing support assembly is disclosed having a support plate with support holes and a column mounting plate with slot openings centred and positionally adjustable in a first direction over the support holes. a mounting plate having mounting slots is perpendicularly affixed at one side of the support plate by mounting bolts which are positionally adjustable in a second direction within the mounting slots. a tubular support column containing: a screw adjusting block which is fixedly secured within the tubular support column at the one end, and a slidably engaging support post, one end of which is connected to a bearing clamp, which in turn supports a bearing.  an adjustable bolt engages the screw adjusting block and the other end of the support post, where the adjustment bolt is rotationally adjustable in a third direction to vary the vertical position of the bearing support assembly.



A printing unit for a rotary printing press

The different cylinders (1,3,6,7) of a printing unit in a rotary printing press are arranged in a vertical row under the impression cylinder (8) of the press and are rotatable in a frame (13) of the printing unit. each cylinder is at each end rotatably journalled in a bearing housing (30,31) which is displaceable on a vertical bearing rail (39). a hydraulic cylinder (43) is arranged in the frame under the lowermost bearing housing in a stack thereof for lifting the bearing housings into engagement with each other or for lowering them.



Insecticidal bait composition for cockroaches

Mendecide is a cockroach killer whose active ingredient is 15.73% boracic acid in breadstuff powder as an attractant. This is mixed with fresh milk to make a paste for good application.



Flange for compensator coupling or pipes

The invention relates to a flange for compensator couplings or pipes comprising an inner ring and an outer ring connected to the inner ring by radial arms provided with apertures for the passage of assembly bolts



Handle reinforcement for a carton

a carton for containers such as cans or bottles is formed from a blank (10) that includes a top wall (12), pair of side walls (14, 22) and a bottom wall (18) interconnected to form a tubular structure. end closure structure includes an end flap (30, 34) connected to each end edge of the top wall. handle apertures (26) are defined in the top wall and positioned thereon generally centrally of the top wall. a handle reinforcing structure includes a pair of end portions (42, 46), one of the end portions connected along a side edge of each of the end flaps and extending to the top edge (32, 36) thereof, and a central portion (50) connected to each of the end portions and extending therebetween. the central portion is secured in overlapping relationship to the top wall (12) and positioned thereon to be substantially adjacent to the handle apertures




a brush, in particular a toothbrush, comprises a head (20) including a plurality of bristles (24) thereon and having at least one opening (26) therein feeding to the bristles (24), a container (2) of paste (4) connected to the head (20), and a control member (32, 50) within the brush movable between a first position in which the or each opening (26) in the head (20) is closed thereby, and a second position in which the or each opening (26) is open, the movement of the control member (32, 50) from the first position to the second position resulting in flow of paste (4) from the container (2) through the or each opening (26) in the head (20) and onto the bristles (24) of the brush.



Pharmaceutical composition

3-i-ydroxypyridin-4-ones of formula (1)in which rl is selected from hydrogen, cl-3 aliphatic hydrocarbon

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Hair conditioning shampoo containing high charge density polymers

An aqueous hair conditioning shampoo comprising a hair cleansing effective amount of an anionic surfactant comprising an alphaolefin sulfonate, a hair-conditioning effective amount of a cationic polymer having a hair conditioning effect and a charge density greater than about 180, a water-insoluble hair conditioning agent and, a dispersing agent which functions to stabilize the emulsion or suspension, and the remainder water



Modular water  purification system

A water purification apparatus (10) for household use in treating municipally supplied water for removal of solid and chemicals containers in which serially connected first (16) second (18) and third (20) water purification stage units are contained in a compact cabinet

Agriculture/ Food Security


A ranitidine tablet having a hydroxypropylmethylcellulose containing coating and a method for producing said coating

A ranitidine tablet containing at least 30 % ranitidine hydrochloride is provided with a coating which comprises hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and ethylcellulose in a mutual weight ratio between 10:1 and 1:2. the coating is produced by applying and drying of a solution of the components of the coating in an aqueous 72.5-82.5 % by weight alcohol.

Health care (pharmaceutical)

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N,n'-bis(quinolin-4-yl)-diamine derivatives, their preparation and their use as antimalarials

Disclosed are n,n'-bis(quinolin-4-yl)-diamine derivatives of general formula (i) wherein r1 signifies halogen or trifluoromethyl, r2 signifies hydrogen or halogen, a signifies cyclohexane-1,3-diyl, 2-methyl-cyclohexane-1,3-diyl, cyclohexane-1,4-diyl, dicyclohexylmethane-4,4'-diyl, cyclopentane-1,3-diyl, phenylene-1,4, phenylene-1,3, phenylene-1,2, ethene-1,2-diyl or ethyne-1,2-diyl and n and m can be the same or different and signify 0, 1 or 2, as well as their pharmaceutically acceptable salts. these products are useful as agents for preventing malaria and for treating it, especially where the pathogens are resistant to chloroquine.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Tannin-based binding agents

The invention relates to new binding agents which harden at elevated temperatures and are compatible with cellulose-containing materials, such as, for example, wood ,and are well suited for the manufacture of derived timber products, such as chipboards. they are composed of tannins and compounds with a weak acid reaction



Light duty liquid detergent compositions

An aqueous liquid detergent composition for handwashing soiled dishware includes specific narrow classes and amounts of magnesium or sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate surfactant, alkyl ether sulfate surfactant, c12-c16 alkyl po1yg1ucoside and a1kano1amide foam stabilizer. a higher alkyl su1fosuccinate or suhosuccinate, optionally ethox:y1ated, anionic surfactant may also be present. the compositions are capable of generating a stable foam and are effective in cleaning greasy soils with acceptable mildness for the consumer and with good rinseability



Recombinant obese (ob) proteins

Proteins which modulate body weight of animals and humans for the treatment, prevention and control of obesity and associated diseases or conditions, and the recombinant expression of these biologically active proteins in purified and homogeneous forms

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Fluid containers and methods of manufacture thereof

A method of forming a fluid container includes steps of providing a box blank cut from flexible sheet material. the blank is formed into a rectangular open-ended cylinder having opposed side walls , an array of bottom panels extending from an upper edge of the sides walls. a filled fluid -tight bag is loaded into the open-ended cylinder by inserting the base end of the through the top opening thereof via a feed chute and by pressing a plunger against the top of the bag. a first ear of the bag is arranged to locate between the operatively inner face of a wing panel extending from the top opening and a sidewall of the plunger.



Bag made of polymer and especially polyolefine fabric and process for producing it.

The invention relates to a bag made of monoaxially drawn, preferably single-layer polymer, especially polyolefine, and preferably polypropylene strip fabric (1) which may be coated on one or both sides with a thermoplastic material, especially polyolefine, in which the fabric is a tubular structure (1) or a flat fabric bonded into a tube and at least one end of the especially box-shaped or cubic bag is shaped into an especially rectangular bottom surface by folding the fabric ends. the feature of the bag is that at least one end of it, especially the bottom surface, is bonded via an intermediate layer of especially thermoplastic material, and especially polyolefine material, by the action of heat to a cover sheet (3) of a fabric made from monoaxially drawn polymer, especially polyolefine and preferably polypropylene strips and that only the outer surface region, especially less than 30 % of the material thickness of the fabric strips of the bottom surface and cover sheet has polymer, especially polyolefine and preferably polypropylene, molecules desoriented by the effect of heat, while in the remainder of the material the molecular orientation is preserved. the invention also relates to a process for welding a cover sheet on a bottom surface of a bag.



Mild personal cleansing composition containing sodium alcohol ethoxy glyceryl sulfate.

A personal cleansing composition includes a salt, preferably sodium salt, of alcohol ethoxy glycerol sulfonate. The preferred sodium salt of alcohol ethoxy glyceryl sulfonate has the formula:

where r is a radical with 4 to 24 carbon atoms and n is a number from 1to 10. The composition may take the form of a bar, combar, shampoo, liquid soap, bubble bath or shower gel.



Liquid household cleaning composition with insect repellent

An aqueous liquid detergent composition is provided for cleaning a hard surface and for repelling insects therefrom comprising a detersive proportion of a surface active detergent compound, and effective amount of at least one of  certain defined insect repellent materials which is sufficient to repel insect  from the hard surface after application of the detergent composition thereto, the liquid detergent composition being substantially free of a liquid hydrocarbon.



Shelf-stable moist pasta

A shelf-stable, uncooked or partially cooked moist pasta is produced by treating freshly extruded or sheeted pasta with steam to set the pasta surface, immersing the steam treated pasta in an aqueous solution containing acidulants and/or humectants, partially drying to remove surface moisture, sealing the pasta in a container, and thermally pasteurizing the pasta while it is in the container using conventional thermal processes or microwave treatment. the pasta thus produced is shelf-stable under non-refrigerated conditions and has an equivalent or better texture, color and flavor than commercially available, fresh refrigerated pastas.



A well casing device for stabilising and reinforcing walls of wells and the method of manufacture of such device or sections thereof

A tubular open-ended well casing device made by rotational mouldling process or any other plastic process using polyethylene or any other suitable polymer as raw material fastened together with another such casing and so on to form a cylindrical tube  of required length to line the walls of wells and stabilise and re-inforce such walls. alternatively, such cylindrical casing is cut into required number of curved sections that are then fastened together to form a cylindrical casing.  further alternatively, a plurality of sections are manufactured by rotational moulding process or any other plastic process using polyethylene or any other suitable polymer raw materials as aforesaid. the sections so cut or manufactured as sections are then fastened together to form a cylindrical well casing device and one complete well casing device is then fastened together to the next well casing device to form an open-ended cylindrical tube of required length to line the walls of wells and stabilise and re-inforce such walls.



An apparatus called pit latrine slab for use as a slab for pit latrines or trenches and method of manufacture of this pit latrine slab

A pit latrine slab of any design with a substantially rectangular shape and with a relatively flat shape and of any dimensions, designed to incorporate as integral parts of the slab, or alternatively to make provision for , moulded-in throughholes for affixing to the slab a vent pipe of any dimensions and/or moulded-in throughholes of any dimensions for affixing tubes to form a frame and/or moulded-in throughholes for affixing the slab to the ground, and also designed to incorporate a central key hole for drainage and two slightly raised food rests adjacent to the central key hole and designed to incorporate a slightly downward slope from the four corners towards the central key hole for drainage and to incorporate also the desired number of kiss-off points of the desired dimensions to provide strength to the slab, the said slab being made of polyethylene and/or foamed polyethylene or other suitable polymer and/or foamed polymer by rotational moulding process or other suitable plastic moulding process.



Process for the preparation of monomeric terephthalic diesters and diols from polyesters.

The invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of terephthalic diesters and diols from polyesters. the process comprises depolymerization of the polyester in the presence of transesterification catalyst for said polyester and in the presence of an ester and subsequent transeterification of the reaction mixture to give the terephthalic diester by reaction with a monohydric alcohol. the novel process allows the starting components of polyesters to be recovered rapidly and under mild reaction conditions.



Silica abrasive dentifrice of reduced stringiness and improved flavor

There is disclosed a flavored silica abrasive dentifrice which delivers higher levels and intensity of flavor and exhibits less stringiness. the dentifrice having incorporated therein a cellulose gel comprised of a coprocessed mixture of microcrystalline cellulose and a cellulose gum such as carboxymethylcellulose.



An electric generator utilizing a stationery magnet and a stator but with a rotating slotted drum in- between the magnet and the stator.

This generator utilizes a new concept in that its only rotating part is the slotted drum which acts as a form magnetic field screen i.e. allowing or blocking the magnetic field link from the magnet (permanent of electromagnet) to the stator windings which act as the output hence, unlike conventional generators, which require huge prime movers to spin the magnet to induce voltage on the stator core/coils. this generator only does work on the magnetic field. inertia loads, which necessitate the use of huge prime movers, are not there.



Hyacinth harvestor

A mechanical apparatus for removing water plants from the lakes and rivers etc. in particular, water hyacinth from water. the apparatus comprises a vessel mechanically driven with an inbuilt marine engine which has a wedge shaped bottom at fore castle for delivering the water plants to a harvester inbuilt thereof. the harvester picks up the weeds by means of circular blades and rectangular in shape firmly welded on a rotating drum. the weeds are then delivered to forks like blades fixed on to the vessel in such a manner as to remove all the weeds delivered by the harvester. the weeds removed by the fixed fork like receptors, which together with the harvester rotators are rectangular shaped, are deposited unto a conveyor belt. the said conveyor delivers the same to compression chamber. the weeds are then compressed into bales and the juice is delivered by to provide side openings into juice collection chambers for purification. the bales are automatically ejected and delivered onto provided storage hatches. the vessel is so constructed as to provide proper manoeuvrability and discharge of any collected juice residue during harvest. this process provides for the entire removal of the weeds and preservation of water. the process of juice purification enables the proper maintenance of environmental control and ecological balance.



Liquid household cleaning composition with insect repellant

An aqueous liquid detergent composition is provided for cleaning a hard surface and for repelling insects therefrom comprising a detersive proportion of a surface active detergent compound, an effective a mount of at least one of certain defined insect repellent materials which is sufficient to repel  insect from the hard surface after application of the detergent composition thereto, the liquid detergent composition being substantially free of a liquid hydrocarbon.



Fire extinguishing system

An automatic foam fire extinguishing system (1) in which the sprinkler opens to discharge foam at one temperature and closes to stop the flow of foam at a lower temperature. the system (1) includes sprinkler header (3) and a reservoir (21) for foam and air. in an alternative embodiment, the reservoir (110) is closely coupled to sprinkler header (100) to provide a portable self-contained unit.



Insecticidal bait composition

Novel insecticidal composition are described which are particularly slowly effective against cockroach and other pests which contain specific amount of insecticide and formulation.  the composition using boric acid as insecticide are other preferred  formulations. specifically the formulation comprised 31-60% boric acid, 18-22% sugar, 18-22% flour, 7-9% egg, 5-6% sour milk, 5-6% onions and 0.15-1% preservative.



The production and use of blended compound fertilizer in coffee.

The invention relates to the production and use of a blended compound fertilizer derived from the mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and potassium chloride in a granulation process to which magnesium oxide and boron is added as a blender. the production is thereafter coated; moisturized to facilitate the combination of the ingredients. the combination is granulated, dehydrated and cooled.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Free flowing powder fabric softening composition and process for its manufacture

A process of producing a free-flowing spray dried particulate fabric softening composition is provided and comprises the steps of:

a) forming a crutcher slurry containing:

(i) from about 5 to 40%, by weight, of a cationic quaternary ammonium softening compound.

(ii) from  about 0.5 to 15 %, by weight, of a an anionic and/or a nonionic detergent compound;

(iii) from about 45 to 85 %, by weight, of urea, the above percentage being based on the solids content of the slurry, in the absence of water;

(b) mixing the crutcher slurry formed in (a) to provide a uniform mixture of dispersion having and average particle size of less than about 1.0 micron and thereafter;

(c) spray drying the aforesaid mixture or dispersion in a spray tower wherein the water content of the mixture is substantially evaporated to provide free-flowing particles of a softening composition capable of being readily dispersed in water.



Shower irrigation trolley.

This is an invention of an irrigation system that is manufactured by use of flexible pipes and metal pipes, metal structures, adaptors and end-cap and adjustable stands with wheels.the system applies a 'block irrigation method' in contrast to circular irrigation method., by use of water sprinklers.

Agriculture/ Food Security


A process of extracting an isoquinoline alkaloid of the benzo (c) phenanthridine type of proven use in the treatment of malaria from a plant of the genus toddalia found in the rift valley province of kenya

A process of extracting an isoquinoline alkaloid of the benzo (c) phenanthridine type  of proven use in the treatment of malaria from a plant of the genus toddalia, found in the rift valley province of kenya.



A building element

A building element comprises a topless and bottomless box, preferably manufactured in two halves which are joined together about the vertical diagonal. the top or bottom of the box includes a channel formation which engages the periphery of the adjacent element when stacked therewith. the elements may be stacked to overlap two similar elements located below it and once electrical, water and other service conduits have been placed in position, a concrete mixture or mud or the like is used to fill the boxes. this results in a sturdy structure that is inexpensive and which requires no maintenance or finishing



High foaming nonionic surfactant based liquid detergent.

A high foaming, non-ionic surfactant based, light duty, liquid with desirable cleansing properties and mildness to the human skin comprising three essential surfactant: a water soluble non-ionic surfactant as a major active ingredient, in an amount in excess of 50% by weight of the total surfactant content; a supplemental amount of a water soluble, foaming, anionic surfactant excluding the ethoxylated alkyl ether sulphates; and a lesser amount of a water soluble, foaming zwitterionic betaine surfactant.



New herbicidal compositions

The invention relates to compositions comprising: (a) a 4-benzoylisoxazole of formula (i), wherein r, r1, r2 and n are as defined in the description and (b) a chloroacetamide herbicide; and their use as herbicides.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Synthetic resin handle and bottle having the same.

There is provided a handle comprising a grip portion that is longitudinally long enough to extend from an upper edge to a lower edge of a recess. since a fixing plate for contact plates that are formed from an upper end and a lower end of a grip portion and project towards the inner side of the grip portion

, the handle can be firmly fixed in a side portion of a synthetic resin bottle.



Protective plug for terminal and disconnected blocks of telecommunication & data technique.

The invention relates to a protective plug for terminal  and disconnected blocks of the telecommunication and data technique. said plug connector comprises a flat plastic body 1 having recesses 2 for receiving a voltage surge arrester 3,  and a cage 5 having several  u-shaped holders 6 attached at the plastic body 1, the front legs 11 of said holders pressing against the one electrode 13 of the voltage surge arrester 3 and the rear-side legs 14 of which resting against the rear-side of the plastic body 1. into  the protective plug is embedded a plug contact 7 forming the contact member 8. a melt element 4 is disposed between the contact member 8 and the other electrode 16 of the voltage surge arrester 3.

in order to guarantee the permanent short circuit when releasing the fail-safe, there is provided, according to the invention, a contact spring as an extension of the rear-side leg 14 of the u-shaped holder 6, said contact spring projecting into the recess 2 receiving the voltage surge arrester 3.



A process for the production of a seasoning sauce.

The present invention relates to a process for the production of a seasoning sauce using one or more microorganisms usual for the production of soy sauces, a fungus-covered, enzyme-containing koji substrate of divided bread having a high wheat gluten content being initially mashed with an enzymatic, salt-containing wheat gluten hydrolyzate, whereupon the fermentation is carried out in several steps, starting at 30 to 35 degrees centigrade in a later step to room temperature in the last step, without further enzyme addition for a total of 1 to 8 weeks. the resulting seasoning sauce has a soy sauce-like taste but a lighter colour and high nitrogen and glutamate contents. the fermentation period can be reduced by a special process control.



An apparatus for production of biogas and the method for manufacturing and/or assembling this apparatus and the method of manufacturing the biogas holder and/or use of such biogas  holder in connection with a stationary digester made of metal and/or constructed by using brick or stone, or concrete blocks and sand and cement.

An apparatus for production of biogas from biological waste comprising a lower portion (being the digester) of a substantially cylindrical shape and integrally formed with the bottom  portion with an inlet tube entering the cylindrical outer wall of the lower portion and outlet tube near the top of the lower portion for discharging  the fermenting products form biogas apparatus and an upper portion (being the biogas holder), of a substantially cylindrical shape, to collect and hold biogas, the said upper portion being formed with a lid portion including a valve means for taking gas from the upper portion for connecting to a biogas discharging pipe. both the said lower portion and the upper portion are made from polyethylene or other suitable polymer material by rotational moulding or other suitable plastic moulding process. the said upper portion is inserted in the lower portion  and it moves slidingly  in a vertical direction in accordance with the volume  of biogas produced. alternatively, a biogas holder apparatus, being the upper portion, of a substantially cylindrical shape , to collect and hold biogas, the said upper portion being formed with a lid portion including a valve means for taking gas from the upper portion for connection to a biogas discharging pipe; the said upper portion in such case being made  from polyethylene or other suitable polymer material  by rotational moulding process or other suitable plastic moulding process and the said lower portion being made of any other suitable material such as brick or stone or concrete blocks and sand  and cement.



Multi-tiered display

A multi-tiered display for holding and displaying a plurality of items. the display comprises at least two stackable interlocking canisters. each canister has a substantially similar construction and comprises a bottom surface and a top surface. the bottom surface includes in a preferred embodiment, a first, second and third projecting member each of which extends along a width to the bottom surface. the top surface includes a fourth, fifth, and sixth projecting member that extends along a width of the top surface. the bottom surface further includes a first, second, and third space for receiving the fourth, fifth, and sixth projecting members. the top surface includes a fourth and fifth space for receiving the second and third projecting members. due to the structure of the canisters, the canisters when stacked are interlocked at three locations.



Microgranules of 5-nitro imidazole derivatives.

A galenic form of 5-nitro imidazole derivatives, including a combination of micro granules of 5-nitro imidazole derivatives, i.e. enteric micro granules and sustained release micro granules, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and microgranules for use as intermediates in the preparation of said galenic form, are disclosed.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Pvc as furniture making material

The invention relates to the [production of tubular articles made from synthetic thermoplastic materials , which resembles wood ,rattan , bamboo cane reed , wincher, rush hickory and similar natural  materials, and also thermoplastic materials which replace the natural materials mentioned above, colouring and veining such materials and also joining and securing by means of ties  made from rigid, or semi rigid , or plasified polyvinyl the natural and artificial materials above mentioned for the purpose of assembling furniture and structures in general.



Method for manufacturing the component connecting motor and pump in peripheral electric pumps and component ,thus manufactured

The invention concerns a method for manufacturing the component connecting motor and pump in peripheral electric pumps and component.




The invention relates to the manufacture of drinking straws, chiefly for drinking beer, and designed to eliminate frothing and foaming of the beer. a designer cut at the base allows ample liquid passage enough for a mouthful of beer.



An article of headwear

An article of headwear (10) characterised by a substantially forwardly projecting peak or visor (12), an adjustable head engaging band (14) and a length or sheet of material (16), the head engaging band (14) being attached or attachable to the peak or visor (12) at or near a rear edge thereof, the length or sheet of material (16) being attached or attachable to the peak or visor (12) and extending rearwardly thereof, whereby the peak or visor (12) may be positioned on a wearer's head (26) such that the material (16) covers the wear's head (26) and hangs therefrom about the shoulders (29) and neck of the wearer, wherein the head engaging band (14) is positioned about a rear of the wearer's head (26) such that the peak or visor (12) is held in position thereon



Pager operated emission/radio relay

A pager/ringer system is disclosed for permitting co-operative emission relay between a plurality of user terminals (10) of a satellite personal communication network (s-pcn) service. each user terminal (10) includes a receiver (22), a transmitter (26), a memory storage device (40, 42, 44) and a unique address. by permitting relay between user terminals (10), the s-pcn will achieve improved dependability in signal-blocking environments by exploiting the spatial diversity of satellite signal strength.



Bean harvester

A crop harvester has bristle guards (39) mounted on the cutter bar (14) as crop lifters and to capture fruit lost by dehiscence during cutting. each bristle guard is a set of laterally oriented bristles (44). dehisced fruit is swept into the header by a pickup reel (16) having bristle bats (74). the bristles (76) are supported on the leading side by a strip (78) of flexible belting. the belting protects the bristle bats against being cut by the cutter bar. the crops are supported against being pushed forward by the bristle bats (74) of the reel. the reel diameter is reduced to about one-half normal and the reel index is increased to provide an aggressive reel operation, ensuring that plants are properly engaged in the bristle guards for cutting.

Agriculture/ Food Security


A programmable cylinder lock, provided with master keys

A programmable cylinder lock comprising, in a stator (1) and a rotor (9), mechanisms (16-34) intended to allow, through a change operation, adapting the lock to a key different from a key (c) to which the lock itself was formerly adapted, which lock further comprises in combination a masterization device with at least one locking pin (45) or locking counter-pin (46) which is subdivided in two or more sections, suitable for being displaced to an opening position by action of two or more keys (c) having different shapes, thus allowing to provide master keys, possibly arranged on more than one level. preferably the lock includes an elastic fork-shaped ring (39) housed in its stator (1) and co-operating with the rotor (9) in order to limit, during the change operation, the free section of a keyhole (10), whereby only specific keys (c) having a special shape are allowed to be taken out from the keyhole (10) in the change position, thus allowing reprogramming the lock. the lock may further include pins (49) of very hard material inserted in the lock rotor (9) in order to prevent the effraction by means of drills or similar tools



Composition for treatment of plant material

The invention provides a composition for sustaining plant material comprising an aminopurine or a derivative or salt thereof and at least one component selected from the group consisting of a water soluble polymer and a water soluble compound containing a sulphonyl group;

Agriculture/ Food Security


A method and an apparatus for calibrating packaging containers

Packaging containers for liquid contents, for example milk, are normally manufactured from laminated packaging material including a carrier or core layer of fibre material which is coated on each side with plastic layers. in order to facilitate folding of the material, this is normally provided with a pattern of weakening crease lines which facilitate the reforming into the desired packaging container configuration. a method of retroforming or calibrating a packaging container for realising more accurate final configuration, sharper fold lines and thereby for imparting to the packaging container improved steadiness and stability comprises the steps of surrounding the packaging container (1) with a forming device (11) adapted to the final configuration of the packaging container, and of displacing parts (12, 13) of the forming device towards one another so that the free space for the packaging container is briefly reduced. an apparatus for carrying the method according to the present invention into effect comprises a forming device (11) with moving forming parts which, in the closed position, define a forming cavity of a volume which amounts to between 100 and 110 per cent of the theoretical minimum volume of a processed packaging container.



Apparatus for separating the outer layers or shells from the internal seed of plant matter

An apparatus (10) for separating outer layers or shells from the internal seed of plant matter comprises a plant matter inlet (12), a seed outlet (14) and a generally vertical separating chamber (16) interposed between the inlet (12) and outlet (14). separating chamber (16) is cylindrical and includes a plurality of axially spaced apart inwardly facing nozzles (18) and a plurality of spaced apart apertures (20). the apertures are a size smaller than the seeds being separated to allow only the outer layer or shells to pass therethrough. a separating chamber includes a plurality of inclined to horizontal baffles (21) to increase the residence time in the plant matter in the chamber.



Paint dispensing system

A paint pouch assembly includes a pair of facing sidewalls (12, 14) sealed along their periphery. a fitting (30) has a fluid passage that terminates in an inlet (44) disposed within a cavity of the pouch and the inlet faces outwardly toward one of the sidewalls. by depressing the sidewall over the opening, fluid can be regulated through the fitting. the collapsible pouch may be used in a number of different applications. it may be incorporated into a dispensing apparatus (b) that uses a hinged presser member (108) to urge paint through the fitting and out through a pivoting head (130) received on the opposite end. removable attachments (138, 140, 142, 144,) can be secured to the head to provide for a fine marker, foam brush, etc. alternatively, the collapsible pouch can be used with a well structure that is secured to an artist's palette (fig. 22).



Distribution device for the telecommunication and data  technique

The present invention relates to a distribution block for the telecommunity and data technique, in particular for the main distribution frame of telephone and data lines, comprising insulation displacement contact elements for the connection of the subscriber cables as well as of the exchange office cables, one-piece contact springs disposed in the interior of the modular- design distribution block, a mounting bracket , in particular for receiving distribution blocks comprising a u-shaped tub, a device for guiding cables being rotatably moved in a partial section, and with cable guide portions.



A process for the production of meat broth and meat extract.

The present invention relates to a process for the production of meat broth or meat extract, wherein warm, freshly slaughtered meat is being processed. the meat is preferably in the form of finely comminuted beef. the resulting products have a novel property pattern and are characterized by an increase 5- inosine monophosphate content.



Calcium polycarbophil sprinkle

This invention is directed to pharmaceutical composition of calcium polycarbophil (cpc) sprinkles. the cpc sprinkles contain very fine calcium polycarbophil powder, with smooth particles, and are processed with one or more excipients to produce a flowable, dispersable composition. for paediatric dosing, the cpc sprinkles are premixed with food and when placed in the mouth its smooth and creamy consistency makes it easy to ingest without leaving a gritty mouthfeel.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Data carrier with optically variable element

The invention concerns a data carrier, in particular a bank note, security document, identity card or the like, of which the surface bears a security element (2). at least a partial region of the data carrier comprises a background layer (3) provided with at least one feature substantiating authenticity. the optically variable element is applied to this background layer in such a way that it overlaps this layer at least partially but not completely.



Multiple-disc coupling device, automatic transmission provided therewith, and method for making same

A coupling device such as a clutch including first hardened steel discs (22) with teeth (25) for rotationally engaging a first clutch member, said first discs being alternated with second discs (19) with teeth (15) for rotationally engaging a second clutch member. the second discs (19) are made of carbon fibres embedded in a carbon matrix and have no internal reinforcement. the device is useful for improving clutch stability and smooth clutch engagement and enhancing the durability of the discs.



Packaging unit for continuously  producing sealed packages containing durable food products from a tube of packaging material.

A packaging unit (1) for continuously producing aseptic sealed packages (2), containing a pourable food product, from a tube (14), or packaging material filled with the food product , the unit (1) has a first and second chain conveyor (10,11) representatively having a number of jaws (12) and a number of counter-jaws (13) , which interact with and grip the tube (14) to heat -seal the tube at successive cross sections by means of inducing heating elements (29)on jaws (12); and each counter jaw (13) has a push bar (35)fitted to a main body (20)of the counter jaw via the interposition of springs (75)defining the gripping pressure exerted on the packaging material. fig 2and 5.



A method of disposing of fines

A method of disposing of fines material includes the step of mixing a slurry containing fines material with a slurry containing coarse material to form a slurry which contains a mixture of fines material and coarse material. the slurry containing the mixture is deposited onto an inclined surface so that liquid can drain from the mixture. the mixture contains a majority of fines material by mass.



Insecticidal aerosol spray compositions

An insect-attracting insecticidal aerosol spray composition containing an insect-attracting effective amount of 1 to 10 % w/w of lauric acid, d-limonene, orange oil or mixtures thereof.



Process for controlling sialylation of proteins produced by mammalian cell culture

The present invention relates to novel process for the preparation of glycoproteins by mammalian cell culture wherein the sialic acid content of the glycoprotein produced is controlled over a broad range of values by manipulating the cell culture environment. the invention provides for processes in which the sialic acid content of the glycoprotein is modified by changes in cell culture parameters which affect cell specific productivity. preferred embodiments of the invention include cell culture processes in the osmolality of the cell culture is controlled as well as the concentration of a transcription enhancer during the production phase of the cell culture. the invention further provides for novel preparations of soluble type 1 tumor necrosis factor immunoglobulin g1 and their uses in the treatment of inflammatory or immune related disorders.



Insecticidal composition

an insecticidal composition in the form of an aerosol water-in-oil emulsion is disclosed which comprises: (a) an amount of an aqueous suspension of microencapsulated insecticide to give an insecticide concentration in the composition of from 0.001 to 5% w/w; (b) one or more solvents in an amount of from 1 to 20% w/w; (c) one or more emulsifiers in an amount of from 0.2 to 10% w/w and selected from the group comprising mono-, di- and tri-sorbitan esters, polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters, mono- and poly-glycerol esters, ethoxylated nonionic emulsifiers, propoxylated nonionic emulsifiers and ethoxylated/propoxylated nonionic emulsifiers; (d) from 2 to 80% w/w of one or more propellants; (e) optionally from 0.001 to 5% w/w of one or more oil phase soluble insecticides; and (f) the balance being water.



Compositions containing piperine

A pharmaceutical composition having increased bioavailability characterized by piperine and a drug for treating a disease or condition of the human cardiovascular system, central nervous system, genito urinary tract or haemopoietic system

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Solution and solid-phase formation of glycosidic linkages

The invention relates to methods that permit the rapid construction of oligosaccharides and other glycoconjugates. methods for forming multiple glycosidic linkages in solution in a single step are disclosed. the invention takes advantage of the discovery that sulfoxides and neucleophilic functional groups can be controlled in another aspect of the invention, the reactivity of activated anomeric sugar sulfoxides is utilized in a solid phase method for the formation of glycosidic linkages. the methods disclosed may be applied to the preparation of specific oligosaccharides and other glycoconjugates, as well as to  the preparation of glycosidic libraries comprising mixtures of various oligosaccharides, including glycoconjugates, which can be screened for biological activity.



Bogie coupling system for convertible railway-roadway vehicle

A bogie (120) and a convertible roadway-railway trailer (160) for both roadway and railway use and a method of converting the trailer between roadway and railway mode, including a method of assembling and disassembling a plurality of such trailers (160) and bogies (120) into a train (113). a trailer (160) has retractable roadway tires (166) and three king pins (184, 185) mounted on the posterior end thereof forming a rigid coupling mechanism. a bogie (120), which is stored off a railway near a grade crossing, has three king pin engagement mechanisms (138, 153) which are used to rigidly couple the bogie (120) to a trailer (160). to convert a first trailer (160) from roadway use to railway use, a tractor (112) is used to back up the first trailer (160) to a first bogie (120), and the first trailer (160) is rigidly coupled to the first bogie (120). additional trailers (160) can be added in a similar manner to form a train (113).



A device for use in connection with fishing

A device for use in connection with fishing, comprising a container (1) adapted for dispensing of odour agents under water, said container containing a piston device having portions (6, 7) with two different diameters, whereby one end of the portion (7) having the largest diameter is situated in a drive chamber (b) having at least one aperture (4) for inlet of water axially outside of said portion (7), while one end of the portion (6) having the smallest diameter is situated in a chamber (a) containing the odour agent, whereby the portion (7) having the largest diameter is able to force the portion (6) having the smallest diameter along the inner of the container (1), in order to force the odour agent out through at least one aperture (5) in the chamber (a) containing the odour agent, axially outside of the portion (6) having the smallest diameter, whereby means is provided for controlled dispensing of the odour agent.



Interferon conjugates

The technology is in relation to interferon, a pharmaceutically active protein with antiviral and anti-proliferative activity.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Method for making nitrogen-potassium fertilizer containing calcium nitrate and products thereof

The invention relates to a method for making nk-fertilizers basically from calcium nitrate fertilizers and potassium nitrate and homogeneous nk-fertilizer products. calcium nitrate fertilizer is melted together with potassium nitrate to form a melt or suspension thereof which is particulated to form a homogeneous nk-fertilizer. the calcium nitrate fertilizer and the potassium nitrate are melted at 90-120 °c and then heated to the desired particulation temperature being 160-190 °c for prilling and 90-140 °c for granulation. the components are mixed in ratios giving a melt or suspension comprising 40-14 weight % calcium nitrate, 55-85 weight % potassium nitrate, 0.5-6 weight % water, 0-4 weight % ammonium nitrate and 0-5 weight % magnesium nitrate.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Method and device for binding together one or more stalks

The present invention relates to a method and a device for binding together one or more stalks, such as flower stems and branches, with the aid of a binding material (30), with a further object being bound in during the binding operation, the stalks being placed next to a part of the binding material (30) which is essentially stationary during the binding operation, while a further part of the binding material (30) is wrapped around the stalks. the binding device according to the present invention is characterized in that the said further object is placed against the stationary part on the same side as the stalks, preferably before the stalks are placed against the stationary part.



Apparatus for curing material

The present invention relates to agriculture, to be exact to apparatus for curing, for example, tobacco and may be applied to apparatus for curing different products, materials and objects wherein solar heat radiation is used as additional source of energy.



An improved method of tea propagation.

The invention relates to a method of tea propagation, which comprises (a) raising in vivo juvenile stock plants, (b) in vitro raising of micro-shoots of tea as scions, (c) decapitation of stock plantlets, (d) treatment of cut ends of stock and scions with plant growth regulators, (e) grafting of in vitro  raised micro-shoots on to in vivo raised juvenile stock plants, (f) holding of the said graft union tightly using any biocompatible material, and (g) hardening of the said micro-grafted plants under controlled conditions which include a light source providing a minimum of 1000 luc intensity, a minimum carbon dioxide concentration of 400 ppm and relative humidity in the range of 50-95 percent to obtain field transferable plants.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Production of trehalose in plants.

The present invention provides for the production of trehalose ina plant host due to the presence in said plant host of a plant expressible gene which comprises in sequence: a) a transcriptional initiation region that is functional in said plant host, b) a dna sequence encoding a trehalose phosphate synthase activity, and optionally c) a transcriptional termination sequence that is functional in said plant host.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Grgarisation -distributing factors in a novel approach of controling locust and grasshopers.

Phenylacetonitrile(benzyl nitrile), and related compounds are effective disruptants of gregarisation of locusts and make these insects more susceptable to insectcide, insect growth regulators, biopesticides and natural predation.

Agriculture/ Food Security

Full descriptions\KE00002.pdf


Use of tharconanthus camphoratus, l.

Use of tharconanthus camphoratus, l. parts and its derivatives in insect-repelling, anti-irritating, soothing, anti-oedema, decongesting formualtions and composition.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Method and mould tools for injection moulding a plastics material part in a packaging sheet material

A method of injection moulding a plastics material opening device (26; 126; 226) in a hole provided in a packaging sheet material (8) including mutually arranging a first mould tool (2; 102; 202) and a second mould tool (4; 104; 204) so as to form a mould cavity in which the hole edge (12) is arranged and so as to bias a sheet portion (8a) of the packaging sheet material arranged adjacent the hole edge away from the second mould tool, and injecting heated thermoplastics material into the mouldcavity so as to form the plastics material opening device. the biasing of the sheet portion away from the second mould tool aids in the formation of plastics material on the side of the sheet portion disposed towards the second mould tool, for providing a controlled placement of the opening device at the sheet hole.



Process for the manufacture of spiralled bristles

This invention concerns a process for the manufacture of spiralled bristles by extrusion of a monofil. in order to create a process by which cost-effectively to produce bristles of the same uniform and predetermined quality as traditional bristles, a monofil with a non circular cross-section is to be produced which, when pulled-off, is pretensioned causing a reduction in its cross-section, then further tensioned after which it is twisted over at least a part of its length to form a spiral bristle and finally it is stabilized by shrinking. in this way, a monofil with an oval or polygonal cross-section or with a core and at least one rib running longitudinally along it can be extruded. a further process can be envisaged whereby at least two monofils can, when pulled-off, be pretensioned causing a reduction in their cross-section, then further tensioned, twisted together and heat shrunk to form a stable bristle material.



Improvement related to tea processing

A process for preparing a decaffeinated tea product comprises subjecting green, partly processed or black leaf to solvent extraction by contacting the said leaf one or more times with an organic solvent medium, wherein the organic solvent medium comprises ethyl acetate and is rich in non-caffeine tea products by (i) being previously subjected to contact with decaffeinate tea or (ii) being previously subjected to contact with non-decaffeinated tea followed by selective removal of organic solvent medium, the organic solvent medium is regenerated for further use by liquid/liquid extraction of the liquid phase resulting from the extraction with water at a ph of 2.



Fungicidal compositions based on (n-phenylacetyl-n-2, 6-xylyl) methyl alaninate

Fungicidal compositions comprising: (a) the compound corresponding to (n-phenylacetyl-n-xylyl)methyl alaninate having formula (i), wherein more than 50 % of the compound with formula (i) consists of the laevorotatory enantiomorph; (b) one or more known fungicides. among known fungicides, mancozeb, fosetil, cymoxanil, propamocarb, chlorothalonil, salts of copper (i) or copper (ii), etc., can be mentioned. the above compositions can be used in the agricultural field for controlling fungine diseases which seriously damage agricultural crops.



Corrugating adhesives employing tapioca fiber

Carrier type corrugating adhesives are prepared using a carrier phase comprising a combination of tapioca  fibre and corn fibre and spent germ flakes as a substitute for modified or unmodified corn starch to provide an adhesive composition.



Panel interlocking means for cartons

Panel interlocking means for securing together a first and a second panel (10, 12) in overlapping relationship, said first panel comprising a locking tab (14) struck from said first panel, the locking tab having a neck portion (20) hinged at a base thereof to said first panel and a shoulder portion (22) contiguous therewith, said second panel including a retaining tab (30) defining a locking aperture struck from said second panel and wherein the retaining tab is displaced out of the plane of said second panel to receive said locking tab through the locking aperture and abuts a portion of said locking tab projecting beyond said shoulder portion and wherein a locking edge (25) of the locking tab is provided at each of the opposed side edges of the locking tab at the shoulder portions to interengage with panel portions of said second panel locatedadjacent complementary curved edges (43, 45) of said locking aperture to maintain said first panel and said second panel in a locked overlapped relationship.



All time calender.

The invention relates to an all time calendar made of hard and durable material, that shows the calendar of the whole year.



Compositions and methods for use in aquaculture

Controlled release fertilizer compositions which release fertilizer at a controlled rate over an extended period of time are employed in aquaculture treatment methods whereby nutrients are efficiently and effectively released into closed aquatic ecosystems such as ponds, lakes, watersheds and other aqueous environments over a period of time in order to enhance the growth of phytoplanktonic algae populations in the water and to thereby promote marine life populations.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Slow- release insect- repellent formulations and uses

Slow release formulations comprising the insect repellent n,n' -diethyl-m- toluamide are disclosed. also disclosed are fabric substrates which are treated with the formulations of the invention. methods for preparing the formulations, for treating fabric substrates and for repelling insects using the same are disclosed.



Insecticidal composition

An insecticidal bait composition which is particularly useful against social insects, such as cockroaches and ants is disclosed. the bait composition comprises a solid or semi-solid bait matrix including a food material for an insect and one or more non-microencapsulated insecticides in an amount effective to act essentially as a primary kill agent and one or more microencapsulated insecticides, excluding pyrethroids, in an amount effective to act essentially as a secondary kill agent, the non-microencapsulated insecticide and microencapsulated insecticide being the same or different.



Fungicidal compounds (b)

Use of dunnione of formula (i) as a fungicide is provided. fungicidal compositions containing dunnione are also provided.



Binding agent for solid block functional material

A solid functional material comprises a functional agent such as a cleaning composition, a sanitizing agent, a rinse agent, etc. in a solid block format. the solid block is formed by a binding agent that forms the active ingredients into a solid block. the binding agent comprises a phosphonate or amino acetate sequestrant, a carbonate salt and water in an e-form hydrate. these materials at a specific mole ratio form a novel binding agent that can form functional materials into a solid matrix form.



Sugar-modified cytostatics

The invention relates to cytostatic which are made tumour-specific by modification with sugar. suitable spacers ensure serum- stability and intracellular effect at the same time.



Mobile theatre

A mobile theatre comprising of a television screen mounted on top of a motor vehicle and a studio inside the motor vehicle , wherein the said studio comprises of a video, amplifier music system and a power generator.



Intravenous site protection device

An intravenous site protection device (10) is formed with a rigid, elongated top member (11) and a rigid elongated bottom member (12) which are oppositely secured on a patient's extremities such as an arm (13). the top member (11) is configured to accommodate a catheter (15) and supply tubing (16) to prevent accidental dislodgement during transportation or movement of the patient. securing straps (22) maintain the top and bottom members (11 and 12) against the extremity of the wearer and a resilient sponge (19) is positioned beneath the top member (11), against the wearer's skin, to assure proper circulation to the intravenous site (14). the rigid plastic ensures protection of the intravenous site (14) should the site be struck or contacted with clothing or other articles during intravenous fluid transfer. the preferred form of the invention is made from a transparent plastic to allow ease in monitoring by medical personnel.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Improvements in or relating to long-acting antimicrobials

A method for producing an improved veterinary product comprising bringing a selected long-acting antimicrobial formulation into intimate admixture with a predetermined amount of an anti-inflammatory agent and preparing the admixture for parenteral administration.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Communication system for transmitting accounting instructions

A communication system for transmitting accounting instructions has central and decentralised devices. accounting instructions input by individual users at the decentralised devices are checked for authenticity and retransmitted to the central devices to be processed. according to the invention, the communication system has at leastvirtually networked devices, means of an independent second communication system (2) with stationary devices (21, 22/1, 22/2) and portable communication transmitters (23) which communicate therewith in an encrypted manner. the stationary devices (21, 22/1, 22/2) of the second communication system (2) may be at least temporarily connected to the central devices (11) of the first communication system (1). accounting instructions given by individual users with the portable communication transmitters (23) of the second communication system (2) can be previously authentified in one of the central devices (11) of the first communication system. a previously authentified encrypted accounting code can be stored at least temporarily in the portable communication transmitters (23) of the second communication system (2); and the previously authentified, encrypted accounting codes can be transmitted to a decentralised device (12/1 to 12/3) of the first communication system independently of the first and second communication systems (1, 2) to conclude the accounting operation.



Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil removal

Detergents, especially solid block alkaline detergent compositions, are disclosed comprising a source of alkalinity, and other detergent additives including sequestrants. the detergents of the invention use amixed condensed phosphate and organic phosphonate sequestrant composition that sucessfully softens service water used in manufacturing aqueous detergents from the composition, but also obtains substantially improved organic soil removal on dishware or flatware. the solid block detergents of the invention comprises large masses of the chemical ingredients having a weight of greater than about 500 grams in a solid block product format that is typically dispensed using a spray on water dispenser that creates an aqueous concentrate that is used in a washing machine.



Parcels comprising at least two stacks of units of goods; means, method and apparatus for forming said parcels

The present invention relates to parcels comprising at least one pair of stacks (a, b) of units of goods surrounded by a self clamping load sling, means therefor and method and apparatus for its preparation. the sling is in the form of a closed loop of a belt (2) having a width substantially equal to the transverse width of said stacks (a, b) and the central loop (14) is gathered together to form a lifting eye (15) and extending through a central opening in the upper part of the belt (2). the belt ends overlap and are secured permanently together by sewing, gluing, hot melt etc. the parcels can be formed by forming a pre-defined length of the belt (2) which is formed by pulling the belt (2) over a pair of rods (4), being spaced apart and having a vertically movable rod (5) placed in between, and over a rod (8b) fastened to a vertically movable plate (8) and then above a second pair of rods (6) having a vertically movable rod (7) in between. the end of the belt (2) is then fastened in a clamping device (3) whereupon the rods (5 and 7) are moved downwards against the belt (2) and the plate (8) is moved downwards such that the rod (8a) presses the belt (2) downwards while roll assemblies (10a, 10b) are moved up against the belt (2) until the belt (2) rests thereupon and the belt supply (1) is locked as the pre-defined length of the belt (2) has been pulled out. the apparatus may comprise a device for pleating the belt (2) and encircling the pleated part (27) with a sleeve (22). said means constitutes a prefabricated loop formed belt (2) comprising a pleated part whose central part (27) is surrounded by a sleeve (22) to keep the pleats permanently together.



Apparatus and method for moulding an opening device on a packaging sheet

An apparatus and method for moulding opening devices (16) onto a packaging material sheet (4) at respective holes (32) provided in the sheet. the apparatus includes first and second mould tools (20, 22) arrangeable in a closed position so as to be in contact with oppositesides (24, 26) of the sheet and in an open position so as to be positioned distally from the sheet. in the closed positions a mould cavity (28) is formed between the first and second mould tools for accommodating a hole edge (30) in the sheet. the apparatus further includes an injection passage (36) for injecting heated thermoplastics material into the mould cavity, which injection passage extends in one of the mould tools such that the thermoplastics material is injected directly into the mould cavity at an injection point (38) of the mould cavity which is located distally from the hole edge, for providing effective formation of the opening device on the sheet. one of the mould tools includes a pair of half mould tools (22a, 22b) which are simultaneously moved from the open position to the closed position and vice versa such that the direction of movement of each of said half mould tools between the open and closed positions tangentially follows a circular path, for reducing wear of the mould tools. in the closed position of the mould tools, the sheet extends in a plane which is distally spaced from the plane of extension of the sheet in the open position aiding in release of the sheet and the moulded opening device from the mould tools.



Portable germicidal air filter

A lightweight portable germicidal air filter (10) for home and personal use is described. the air filter (10) includes a cabinet (12) which houses an electrostatic air filter (28), an ultraviolet lamp (26) and a parabolic reflector (36), or a convex lens (54) for focusing the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the lamp on an upstream side of the air filter. the reflector or the lens are constantly oscillated tosystematically sweep the upstream side of the filter with germicidal levels of radiation. a fan (30, 32) located adjacent the downstream side of the filter draws air through the filter and impels it out through areas for air exhaust (20) in the side walls (16) of the cabinet. the advantage is a simple, lightweight germicidal air filter with few moving parts which is inexpensive to manufacture.



Brewery installation

A brewery installation, especially a mini-technical installation, in which the water preparation system, the brewing plant, the fermentation and storage tanks and other devices needed for processing are arranged in a float.



Synergistic herbicidal composition and method of use thereof

A synergistic herbicidal composition containing (a) a cyclohexanedione compound of formula (i): wherein n is 0 or 1; and (b) a chloroacetanilide compound of the formula (ii): wherein r1 is hydrogen, methyl or ethyl; r2 is hydrogen or ethyl; r3 is hydrogen or methyl; and r4 is methyl, methoxy, methoxymethyl, ethoxy or butoxy. a method of controlling the growth of undesirable vegetation, particularly in crops, using this synergistic composition is also disclosed.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Aminosulfonylureas with herbicidal activity

Aminosulfonylureas of general formula (i). the aminosulfonylureas of said formula are endowed with a high herbicidal activity against numerous weeds.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Synergistic termiticidal composition of pyrethroid and n-phenyl-pyrazole

A termite control composition for soil treatment containing 3-cyano-1-(substituted phenyl) pyrazole derivative and a pyrethroid compound as effective ingredients, and a method of controlling pests such as termites using said composition. the termite control composition is improved for soil treatment as well as for the ability to prevent termites from passing through the pesticidally treated layer.




A toothbrush is disclosed having a handle portion and a head portion carrying or adapted to carry a bristle configuration . the handle has an end portion, a waist, a shoulder portion and a neck connecting the shoulder to the head. the waist is narrower, at least in plan view, than the end portion or the shoulder, and the end portion, preferably, is rounded. the bristle configuration is such that the teeth engaging ends of the bristles do not lie in a plane parallel to the surface of the head of the handle in which the bristles are embedded. in a first embodiment, the teeth engaging ends of at least a proportion of the bristles lie in a curved line when the toothbrush is viewed in side elevation. the curved line is provided by a mixture of concave groups of bristles and  convex groups of bristles. in a second embodiment, the bristle configuration falls into atleast two groups of bristles. the teeth engaging ends of the bristles of the first group, and the teeth engaging ends of the bristles of the second group, lie in curved lines when the toothbrush is viewed in side elevation. in a third embodiment, the teeth engaging ends of the bristles form a continuous wavy line . in the fourth embodiment, the teeth engaging ends of the bristles fall into two groups, a rearwardly located group, the castellated group, made up of transversely extending rows of bristles, the rows alternating in height, and a forwardly located group having atleast some bristles extending further from the surface of the toothbrush head than any of the bristles of the castellated group.



Device for administering orally or nasally a powdered or volatile composition by inhalation

The improved device for administering orally or nasally the powdered or volalilel composition by inhalation has a body shell definng a chamber therewithin having anozzle or mouthpiece at a forward end and which is open at the rear end.  a sleeve is fitted into the inside of the body shell and rotatable with respct to it and has a rear wall closing the open rear end of the chamber.  a container retaining means in juxtaposition with the nozzle and extending through the front wall of the shell body into the chamber.  an abutment fixed inside the sleeves in such a position with respect to the container retaining means that the continer retained in the retaining means and projecting from it into the chamber will engage the abutment when the sleeve is rotated with respect to the body shell separting the projecting portion of the container from the remainder portion.  a guard for preventing the separated portion of the container from passing through the nozzle.  an air inlet opening extends through the from wall of the shell body into the chamber.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


A novel method for controlling tsetse flies and other related blood feeding insects

4-methylguiacol (2-methoxy-4-methylphenol) and related compounds are potent repellents of tsetse flies.  4-methylguiacol decreases by about 80% the number of flies attracted to cattle with proportionate reduction in feeding efficiency.  such chemicals provide a useful tool in the integrated management of tsetse and trypanosomiasis and other blood feeding insects.

Agriculture/ Food Security


Methods of preventing or treating allergies

The present invention relates to methods and means of suppressing food-induced hypersensitivity reactions in patients suffering from food allergy. particularly the invention provides methods of making a protein hydrolysate formula for downregulating hypersensitivity reactions and for promoting gut immune barrier, and methods of preventing or treating allergies, especially cow's milk allergy in infants by fortifying the cow's milk elimination diet with suitable probiotic bacteria derived from gastrointestinal tract, especially lactobacilli. in addition, administering fragments of an allergen modified by gastrointestinal bacteria immune response can be "turned around" from sensitization to systemic hyporesponsiveness. a preferable bacterium to be used in this invention is lactobacillus gg (atcc 53103)



Microencapsulated 3-piperidinyl-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazoles and 1,2-benzisothiazoles

Pharmaceutical composition comprising biodegradable and biocompatible microparticle containing a 1,2-benzazole of the formula (i), or a pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salt thereof, wherein r is hydrogen or c¿1-6?alkyl; r?1¿ and r?2¿ independently are hydrogen, halo, hydroxy, c¿1-6?alkyloxy and c¿1-6?alkyl; x is o or s; alk is c¿1-4?alkanediyl; and r?3¿ is hydrogen or c¿1-6?alkyl; z is -s-, -ch¿2?, or -cr?4¿=cr?5¿-; where r?4¿ and r?5¿ independently are hydrogen or c¿1-6?alkyl; a is a bivalent radical -ch¿2?-ch¿2?-, -ch¿2?-ch¿2?-ch¿2?- or -cr?6¿=cr?7¿-; wherein r?6¿ and r?7¿ are hydrogen, halo, amino or c¿1-6?alkyl; and r?8¿ is hydrogen or hydroxyl; within a polymeric matrix.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Liquisolid systems and methods of preparing same

Liquisolid systems are acceptably flowing and compressible powdered forms of liquid medications. according to the concept of liquisolid systems, liquid liphophilic drugs or water-insoluble drugs dissolved in suitable non-volatile solvents may be converted into free-flowing and readily compressible powders by simple admixture with selected powder excipients referred to as carrier and coating materials; a schematic outline of steps may be drawn for the process. various grades of microcrystalline or amorphous cellulose may be used as carriers, whereas very fine particle size silica powders may be used as coating materials. based on the theory that the carrier and coating materials can retain only certain amounts of liquid and at the same time maintain acceptable flow and compression properties, a new formulation-mathematical model is provided to calculate the optimum quantities of carrier and coating materials required to yield acceptably flowing and compressible liquid/powder admixtures.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


A  novel therapeutic anti-inflammatory and analgesic pharmaceutical composition containing nimesulide 4-nitro, phenoxyphenyl methane sulphonamide for use transdermally and process for the manufacture

A novel therapeutic anti-inflammatory and analgesic pharmaceutical composition containing nimesulide for transdermally and a process for the manufacture thereof is disclosed. the nimesulide composition is used for direct application on the skin for the treatment of inflammation through transdermal absorption at very low dose level. the composition comprises nimesulide and a percutaneous enhancing vehicle base, which acts as a micro carrier pre-concentrate, or a micro carrier .the percutaneous enhancing vehicle base comprises a percutaneuos enhancer, surfactant, gelling agent and one or more vehicle/base

Health care (pharmaceutical)


Solid pharmaceutical compositions containing miltefosine for oral administration in the treatment of leishmaniasis.

The present invention relates to new solid pharmaceutical compositions containing hexadecylphosphocholine (miltefosine) for oral administration in the treatment of leishmaniasis, a process for the manufacture of said pharmaceutical composition, a dosage scheme for oral administration of said pharmaceutical composition in the treatment of leishmaniasis, and finally a combination comprising said solid pharmaceutical composition, an antiemeticum, and/or an antidiarrhoeal.

Health care (pharmaceutical)


A method of controlling moth and other insect pests

A method of controlling moth and other insect pests in a habitat and attracting, augmenting or conserving natural enemies of the moth or other insect pests, which comprises treating the habitat with yeast.

Agriculture/ Food Security

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