Grant, registration and publication of a patent

Unless an application is rejected, a patent is granted and issued to the applicant together with a certificate of  grant of a patent. Before a patent is granted, the applicant is invited to pay the grant fee.

Every patent granted is registered, and is, as soon as reasonably practicable, published in the Kenya Gazette or the Industrial Property Journal.

Patent Register

A register is maintained in which all patents granted are recorded and numbered in the order of grant, and, in respect of each patent, where appropriate, its lapse for non-payment of annual fees and all transactions are recorded.

Inspection of the register

Any person may, during working hours, inspect the register and may, subject to the payment of the prescribed fee, obtain extracts there from. A person who wishes to obtain an extract from the patent register should make a request in Form IP 11 for a certified copy or in Form IP 12 for an uncertified copy.


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