Implementation of outreach programme

The plan of implementation of the programme envisages a strategy of education, collaboration and communication between players in the public sector, private sector and mass media categories. In many ways the categories overlap which is unavoidable given the variety and often common interests of those involved in industrial property activities. This can be seen as an advantage in developing a broad based outreach programme as it's strength lies in identifying and capitalizing on the linkage between the three groups.


Attendance at the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Shows, trade fairs and exhibitions, remains one of the most reliable means of reaching and interacting with the wider public because they are usually attended by people from all walks of life and are organized all over the country. The practice has been to have a full fledged stand at national and international shows and do technology scouting at all other ASK shows. This strategy will be maintained and enhanced to include Harambee shows. We also do have information booths at trade fairs like in the Common Markets of Eastern and Southern Africa Trade Exhibition (COMESATEX ). We do ensure that we participate in the National Juakali exhibition and any other technology exhibitions, in order to offer information to the public and also do technology scouting. With the launching of the East African Cooperation, we have started participating in the East African Juakali Exhibition, like the one held in Arusha, Tanzania in November, 1999 and Nairobi in September 2001.

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