The Education and Outreach Programme, which was launched in March 1995, is one of the measures the Institute initiated to assist it to implement three of its four core functions, namely: (1) provide to the public industrial property information for technological and economic development; (2) promote inventiveness and innovativeness in Kenya; and (3) organize and conduct training, competitions and awards relating to industrial property matters.

The outreach activities are crucial because they will enable the Institute to tackle the low awareness, among the general public, including in the crucial Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector on matters industrial property (IP) and how to utilize the IP system for industrial, technological and economic development. Furthermore, the general public is largely unaware of the fact that protection is given for a limited period only, after strict conditions are met, and that, once the protection ends, the invention becomes available and accessible in the public domain.

KIPI Newsletter

The Institute has been carrying out awareness activities across the country where it enlightens various target participants on various aspects of IP. This part of the website contains Issues of the Institute’s Newsletter highlighting some of the IP awareness activities its officers have conducted in a particular quarter of a Financial Year.  Click the links below to read the newsletters.

KIPI Newsletter Issue1 Vol1 (Mar-June 2022)


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