Promotion & stimulation activities


This activity aims at encouraging and maintaining excellence in the innovative and inventive activities of all the stakeholders targeted for in the creation of general awareness about Industrial Property Rights. Names of the inventors who are voted as being the best inventors of the year are forwarded to the Organization of African Unity headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where a selection for the best inventor in Africa is done. This is aimed at stimulating innovative activities in Africa as a whole.

The Institute in collaboration with the other stakeholders, is in the process of coming up with an awards scheme that is aimed at rewarding the best inventors and innovators in Kenya on an annual basis. The award scheme will consist of trophies and cash tokens to those voted for the top prizes.

In future the Institute also intends to start an awards scheme for the best students in the National Students Science and Technology Congress. It is hoped that this will stimulate inventive and innovative activities among students.

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