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The Trade Marks Act, Cap 506 of the Laws of Kenya

Removal of Trade Marks from the Register of Trade Marks in Kenya for Non-Renewal

As part of the Trade Marks Registry Upgrading Project that the Institute is currently undertaking, the Institute has commenced a process of cleaning up the Register of Trade Marks. In this regard, the Registry of Trade Marks has been sending notices to Applicants for registration of trade marks with respect to non-completed applications under the provisions of section 22 of the Trade Marks Act. Further, the Institute has been sending notices to proprietors of registered and non-renewed trade marks under the provisions of section 23 of the Trade Marks Act. Subsequently, on 15th December 2020, the Institute published a Special Industrial Property Journal containing 2,601 trade marks whose registered proprietors had been duly notified but did not file applications for renewal of their respective trade marks as required by law. READ FULL NOTICE HERE

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