Trademark Forms

Download trademark forms below

TM1 -Form of authorization of agent

Form TM (International) 1

TM2 -Application for Registration of a mark

TM6 -Notice of Opposition of Application

TM7-Form of Counter-Statement

TM10 -Application for Renewal of mark

TM10a -Certificate of registration of trademark

TM14 -Request to register Assignment or transmission

TM17 -Request to alter Trade or Business Address in the register

TM19-Application to correct Clerical error in register or to ament document, etc

TM20-Application to change name or description in the register

TM21-Application to surrender Trade Mark from all Goods and Services

TM22-Application to surrender Trade Mark for some Goods and Services

TM23-Application to ender disclaimer or memorandum in Register

TM24-Application to add to or alter registered Trade mark

TM25-Application for the Marking ,Expunging or varying of an entry in the register

TM26-Application for leave to intervene in proceedings for making Expunging or varying of an entry in the register

TM27-Application for search under rule 114/Application for preliminary advice as to distinctiveness.

TM30 Request for certificate other than under section 22 of the Act

TM32 Application to enter or alter address for service

TM34-Application for alteration of deposited regulations relating to certification of trademark

TM43-Application to adapt Classification so that it is in accordance with section 6(2) of the Act

TM44-Notice of opposition to application to have classification adapted

TM48-Application for registration of registered user.

TM53-Application for extension of Time

TM54-Order form for copy of document

TM55-pplication to add goods or services to a Trade Mark or an Application

TM Fees TM fees for local and foreign

Form of Counter-Statement

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